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Statement of protest. Aprile 27, 2014







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Aprile 27, 2014.



To the President of the USA Barack Obama

Mister President,

It becomes evident for the civil society that the Ukrainian crisis represents the realization of the program of the USA special services and of  European allies under their control  to use the ultra-rightist  nationalist  pseudo-democratic public organizations to turn the territory of Ukraine into the NATO springboard.

It is also evident that the results of Your international operations lately do not have anything common with universal and European values.

Unfortunately, for You, Mr. President, it doesn’t  matter that Ukrainian national-chauvinists want not only to impose their domination over the south-east of the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the former USSR but also to deprive the Russian population over there of even the right to use their mother tongue. You are also not worried by plans of Ukrainian nationalists to totally annihilate Russian speaking people in the Trans- Carpathian territories and to lay territorial claims to Poland and Russia.

We draw Your attention that the situation in the western areas of the modern Ukraine which in former times were parts of territories of Austria-Hungary and of the Second Polish Republic causes deep concern of the people of various nationalities. The genocide of Jews and  Poles which Bandera’s  gangs practiced during the Second World war forever made them the accomplices of the crimes against humanity and of Nazi war criminals.

We request You, Mr. President, to familiarize yourself with materials of the Nurnberg trial!

Recently the semi-Nazi “Liberty” party introduced several of its representatives to the government. The “Right sector” nominated its leader as a candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine. It is not safe not only for Ukraine itself  but  for the cause of peace in whole Europe. Just those Nazi militants of the “Liberty” party and of the so called “Right sector” were and remain a striking force on which Your policy relies on.

The visit of the CIA Director John Brennan to Kyiv provoked a punitive operation against peaceful supporters of federalization and volunteers who protect them in the south-east of Ukraine. The trip of the Vice-President Joe Biden undoubtedly prompted the transformation of this operation into the general military format. Your subordinates insolently provoke a civil war on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR.

Shame on You – the protector of Ukrainian Nazis and punitive squads, the provoker of a civil war, the responsibility for a scale and consequences of which will fully  rest with You,

Mr. President!