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To the people of the USA including the President Barack Obama







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Aprile 27, 2014.



To the people of the USA

including the President  Barack Obama


Dear American Earth folks,

       It has been a long time since I wanted to address you as representatives of the great nation which contributed a lot to the world civilization. Unfortunately the occasion is not the best.  In the latest years when the USA was not restrained by anything your country has become a problem for the mankind.

      For me as for an ordinary man from a faraway for you Slavonic civilization many things about you became clear. At the same time a great concern emerged in respect of our common future.

      Let me introduce myself: I have a typical and widely known Russian name – Ivan.

      In my country we have a plant with a touching name – “Ivan and Maria”. In my case it is  very symbolic. Its flowers have colors of the Ukrainian flag and I was born in Ukraine.

      I am not a representative of a “golden billion” and as the majority of Russians I am living not richly but with dignity. I am well educated, quite modern and functional, sufficiently experienced and curious but I do not want to waste my abilities on trifles. First of all I am concerned about the meaning of life.

     That is why let me ask a few questions.

       Whether Mr. President Barack Obama remembers that he took oath of faithfulness to the people of the USA with his hand touching the Bible?  Has he realized the meaning of this oath and what Bible Commandments he violates?

       If to take into account local statistics the number of believers in the USA is about 70 percent of the total population. Whether such God’s “chosen people” have the right to turn any part of our planet to a battlefield? What is the advantage of your belief? Everyone is equal to the God but whether the Americans are “more equal” than others?

      Do the people of the USA know and realize what processes the so called elite of your nation does initiate? If you think yourself to be the God’s chosen people do you feel your own responsibility for the destiny of the world?

      Unfortunately nowadays one can see the directly proportional dependence between the growth of the USA state indebtedness and the level of your cynicism towards all the world civilization.

       Some political scientists try to convince us that ordinary Americans are peaceful people and do not take a great interest in policy. They are busy with themselves, with their work, their homes, cars, lawns in front of their houses, their bank accounts. They have a regular life: they wake up in the morning, have a breakfast, take a shower, get in cars, drop to a fuel station, arrive to a workplace, do everything according to instructions, after office hours drop to a supermarket where salesgirls  with a smile put on their faces sell them everything required for a healthy way of life.

      But again I have questions:

      Do ordinary Americans know that petrol in their cars was produced from the oil of countries ruined by their troops and long ago has been mixed with blood? Or it is more convenient to deliberate about their great mission not thinking over where all these good things of their civilization originate from? Probably there is a kind of a confidential agreement between the citizens of the USA and that part of the elite which takes decisions what country should be bombed and where to their troops should be send to “promote democracy”? Most likely that is the state of affairs. The people are silent – it doesn’t concern them. After reports about next victories the military elite pumps out money from the nation’s hole-ridden budget for a next operation. Today almost in my own home.

       I do not believe that in such a way you will be able settle your problems at the cost of destroying all living things on the Earth. You launched your military machine as a road roller. But do not forget that the Earth is round. It is not as big as all of you think. Ask your F-16  pilots who regularly bomb insubmissive  countries.

      You trained armies of terrorists, resuscitated Nazism, taught to kill on your instructions. Your apprentices after they destroy everything will come back to you. You made killing as their profession. You made a mistake. You have opened your own big “Pandora's box”. All yours will eventually come back to you. It happened repeatedly in the history which is lectured to you in a greatly distorted way. It can be explained in part why some of your soldiers in such cold blood and gladly kill peaceful people. And with this lack of knowledge of the system of our world, of historic specifics of Russia you have approached my Motherland. 

        I would like to remind you what the preceding pretenders to the world domination like Napoleon and Hitler ended with. In 1945 our army liberated Berlin and the whole world from Nazis. By the way it is worthy to note that namely thanks to the victory of our army the true democracy emerged in Europe. And today I do not want that my son arrive to Washington in army boots to find out what your democracy is made of.  My countrymen and myself do not need such kind of “tourism”. We have peaceful plans and dreams. We differ in the sense that the military doctrine of Russia is defensive but yours brings death. If you do not believe - ask your President. He taps everybody and everywhere. Unfortunately he also listens but does not hear as the events in Crimea have shown.

      For thousands of years our people live in an autonomous mode. They live not for a Tsar , not for a President. They live for their Motherland. It is difficult to understand but this is the essence of our main strength. As far as missiles are concerned – they are simply for any occasion.

       I have already said that I am curious. Even in my childhood I watched popular science films. One of them was about an application of a directed blast in industries. During one of experiments a stick with a couple of leaves (the same as Ivan and Maria flower) was covered with a steel sheet. The shock wave from the blast passed through the plant and metal. As a result the texture of the leave sagged the steel as if it was the work of a chaser.

     In the same way all the Russian people are good-natured but in specific conditions are able to force through any obstacle. There is no need to put us to the test. However mighty an enemy could be he will be crushed. We do wish this to anyone. We always suggest a peaceful settlement.

      Nowadays the destiny of the world is again in the hands of our countries. You strive for domination, for enrichment through destruction. It is a suicide. We suggest the real “RELOADING”. It is high time to bear responsibility and to build a new world, allocating the joint military, scientific potential for joint social, economic, cultural projects.

    We presented the world with a sport festival – Olympic Games in Sochi. Overcoming streams of dirt to our direction from western mass media before the Olympic games we finally opened new Russia to everyone. We are set for preservation of the best achievements of all the world civilization.

 The World was created not by you and you do not have a right to destroy it!

 Return Peace to the World!


Ivan Sechevoy.